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KinetiCode®Pilates Teacher certification

Since 2012 EFAA collaborates with KinetiCode®Pilates for the Pilates Teacher Training and Specialisation Programs/Workshop.

Please visit www.kineticode-pilates.com website for further information.

KinetiCode®Pilates Teacher Training
High qualified compressive teaching training course/certification.
It provides a balanced and complete blend of theory, observation and practical training to help the student to master at the optimum level the KinetiCode®Pilates extensive program.
KinetiCode®Pilates strongly believes through its certification courses to create a community of top qualified teachers.
The KinetiCode®Pilates Teacher Certification is provided two times in a year.

- Functional Anatomy applied in movement science
- Intermediate Advanced KinetiCode®Pilates classes: intense training for the participants each day.
- Fundamental KinetiCode®Pilates exercises study program: complete breakdown of each exercise, hands-on, optimise performance and teacher skills.

For additional information about this course: ask the KinetiCode®Pilates Certification brochure to: kineticode@hotmail.com.

For info/Sign up:
phone: 06-11214428