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  • New coaching concept based on flow state
  • Powered by revolutionary FlowCode concept
  • FlowHub mobile app support
  • Flow triggers, programs in different coaching formats
  • Turnkey solution, global branding & support

Education process

  1. Register and access your FEA profile
    After your payment you get access to your Flow Education Alliance profile where the whole education process takes place.
  2. Follow the 7 step education process
    From introduction, to lessons, all about coaching, marketing and the FlowHub Pro with triggers and sessions programs.
  3. Finish with an online exam & verification call
    Our representative will go with you through all the steps, answer all your questions and give you further inputs about your FlowCoach career.

Online course structure and objectives

  • Introduction to Flow by Nirvana®
  • Theoretical walk through with FlowCode manual and 43 video lessons:
  • Introduction to the flow state, science behind the flow state
  • Building a flow personality
  • Optimal flow setup (requirements for optimal flow)
  • Flow trigger channels
  • Coaching method, sessions, programs
  • Flow Workshop explained with all supported materials and presentations
  • FlowHub explained
  • FlowHub triggers and coach's programs
  • Business solutions & marketing plan

What is a Flow state?

Become a Flow Coach

About the flow state

You know that state we’re in, when we act with razor sharp focus, our confidence is overwhelmed with certainty, our body and mind adapts to the situation effortlessly.

It’s in this state that we take giant steps in our level of fulfilment, moving in the direction that was previously not even dreamt off. In it, we are completely dissolved in what we're doing, so much that it feels like time is slowing down.

We’re so deeply in the present moment that we merge with activity itself, giving us the overwhelming feeling of "being at one”. In that state there is ‘no doubt’, there are no stresses or pressures, blocking us from achieving what we want.

There is no inner voice criticizing every move we make, we are completely immersed in the task at hand. This state is not elusive, this state is not mystical, it’s called the flow state ...

When we are in flow, we are adjusting to reality cues, like riding a flow wave, we experience the most desirable state we may find ourselves in. It’s about total trust and total absence of fear. A sense of extreme happiness, connectedness, and harmony pervades into your being.

You feel in tune with the task, moving with an accuracy and composure and fully enjoying every second of it.

Athletes call it "runner’s high" or "being in the zone", others call it a "heightened state of consciousness", buddhists call it "nirvana".

We call it the state of flow, a fluid stream of optimal perception and optimal experience.

A state where everything just flows.

Mapping of the flow personality

The FlowCode has been developed by the world class experts on psychology, kinesiology & flow state as well as many other areas of expertise to create a vast treasury of simplified principles, rules & interventions that are proven to facilitate the state of flow in different circumstancial setups.

FlowCode’s underlying principles, established formulas & intervention channels are providing a scientific & practical backbone for understanding what flow state is & how it works.

It includes vast scientific knowledge base designed toward facilitating and sustaining the optimal state of flow.

FlowCode principles are available to anyone who wishes to boost their overall potential and live within a meaningful and fulfilling mindset, experience freedom and transcend in ways never even dreamt of.

We finally have been able to discover the inner workings and triggersto reframe every individual to feel purpose, meaning and happiness. And that can happen only if we are in the flow.

Enter the flow state

Flow is a state in which the person performing an activity is fully immersed, experiencing the feeling of energized focus, complete involvement and deep enjoyment.

The state of flow, or being "in the zone”, is the ultimate state, the most desirable state you want to be in ... it is the foundation for deep inner peace & sense of empowerment.

By applying flow triggers, our brainwaves are directed toward the Alpha-theta wave bridge, which creates conditions for entering the flow state. You need to deactivate first, empty the full glass to become more present & activated into the optimal state.

By entering the flow state, we experience what is called a transient hypofrontality.

Transient, meaning temporary, hypo is the opposite of hyper, meaning to slow down or to deactivate. And frontality is the prefrontal cortex. Meaning, we deactivate to fully activate.

These areas in the prefrontal cortex that are shut down, are the seats of cognitive processing, where we distinguish the difference between self and other, our sense of time, our internal dialogue.

Flow & release of the flow state neurochemicals

Nirvana® facilitates release of so called Flow state neurochemicals that produce direct effects of calmness & focus while also contributing to the "afterglow” effect, an experience of a long term, lasting fulfillment.

FlowCode effectively produces the experience of flow states through a unique blend of interventions with mind blowing array of health & mental benefits, increasing your focus & deep presence & giving you tools to perform better mentally & physically at all levels.

The FlowCode

The complete roadmap to flow personality

Flow chart below represents 40+ years of development of flow state science based on many research papers & time proven concepts that was effectively put together by the team of experts from different fields of expertise.

The system includes a number of new and upgraded concepts, specific language adaptation and systematic simplification in order to achieve maximum adoption/acceptance of the flow philosophy.

It provides us with a clarifying overview of how to achieve the flow state and how flow evolves into a trait.

Basic intention is to create a personality that is as fluid as possible in any given circumstances and enables one to flow through life in a meaningful and fulfilling fashion.

Deep down on the level of body chemistry, there are two distinctive extremes of how we perceive reality, it is a binary game offear vs trust, stress vs relax, so in essence everything boils down to this generalized feeling that we experience in the present moment.

Either you feel & act on the world in fluid flow mode fashion engaging task positive network where are our thoughts, actions and resulting outcomes are coherent and meaningful or you act out of fear engaging default mode network, in a perpetual survival mode with all of its accompanying anxieties and negatives.

Each of the neurochemical extremes and everything in between is a driving or motivational force for different needs and values that arise based on either of states.

It is straight forward intuitive that a positive flow mode will spawn universal values that you can observe on the left and that fear mode is a sureshot breeding ground for fear based values that will inflict heavy burden on overall perception while hindering individual’s cognitive abilities to a survivable minimum.

FlowCode interventions are built on these channels, giving us a clear and effective way to program and facilitate the state of flow in a more controlled and deliberate manner.

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