Fitee is a young and innovative start-up with the goal to create an inclusive community, provide accessible sporting opportunities, establish a sense of belonging and promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

Fitee focusses on bridging the gap between freelance Personal trainers and the professional support they need to grow their businesses. After extensive market research, we realized that there is a lack of support for personal trainers and fitness instructors within the sports and business industry. Therefore, we created a marketplace on which a trainer can easily set up their profile, add in their availability and start attracting clients.

We provide trainers with the following:

  1. A marketplace to promote their services on.
  2. Access to an online portfolio that increases their exposure and markability.
  3. We support Personal Trainers in acquiring new customers.
  4. We actively promote our trainers through social media, our community and other means.
  5. Fitee assists trainers with any administrative tasks such as scheduling, customer booking systems, invoicing, advice on insurances and so on.
  6. We connect you with like-minded people and help you do the sports you’re passionate about.

Fitee believes and embodies three values: Community, Diversity & Health. We believe that having a diverse community in which everyone is included creates a culture of positive development and mutual benefits. Our vision is to become the largest sports platform that offers its customers sustainable sporting plans and activities by connecting them to sporting freelancers. Additonally, our aim is to have a community based in all the major European Cities, therefore giving Fitee members the opportunity to move to other cities whilst belonging to the same community. This goes for Trainers as well, we hope to eventually give trainers the chance to scale up their businesses wherever Fitee is based.

You are a Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor?

Get in touch with us and let us discuss how we can benefit from each other. You can send us an email: or have a look at our website under .


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