Top European Scientists, renowned academics and experts in the field of Physical Activity and Exercise research met at Greenwich University Campus in London on 1 February 2011 to discuss the health & fitness sector research agenda. 


EHFA – the European Health and Fitness Association - oversaw the first meeting of its Research Working Group.  The extensive discussions focused on important topics such as “exercise is medicine”, the evidence of the benefits of physical activity and exercise and public health reform. Specifically, the group mapped future areas of research and highlighted the importance of consolidating existing evidence. The delegates recommended that EHFA communicate the potential of the sector to the medical community, policy makers and the general public. EHFA’s future research will focus on the cost-effectiveness of incorporating more physical activity and exercise through the fitness sector into public health strategies and also implementation strategies for these programmes.

Among the attendees was EHFA’s Chair of its Scientific Advisory Board, Professor Willem Van Mechelen, Dept. Public & Occupational Health, Free University medical center Amsterdam. Other notable attendees were Professor Alfonso Jimenez who is Head of the Centre for Sports Sciences and Human Performance at the University of Greenwich, London; Professor Per Tesch from Mid Sweden University and Dr. Silvano Zanuso PhD from Padova University in Italy.

Harm Tegelaars, President of EHFA, said “This meeting is historic and hugely important for the future of the health and fitness sector. Our sector wants to gather all evidence available on the benefits of exercise for health and we are prepared to work in partnership with public authorities, Universities and Research Centres to carry out required research. We are enthusiastic about the future and are delighted to have the support of the sector and leading researchers in the field. We look forward to implementing the recommendations of this meeting which will get “More people, More active, More often.”

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