EuropeActive is delighted to announce the launch of its #BEACTIVE DAY, a marketing campaign to celebrate the fun and importance of exercise and to encourage people to lead an active lifestyle.

The #BEACTIVE DAY is an initiative from the fitness and physical activity sector and represents a collaboration between EuropeActive and its partners, which will be hosting on Thursday 23rd September, in the frame of the European Week of Sport, thousands of free events and activities organised across Europe and beyond in different locations such as fitness and sport centres, workplaces, parks, schools and many more places. To access the promo video, click here

Key players of the fitness & physical activity sector such as health clubs, leisure centres, digital providers, club operators, exercise professionals, etc. are encouraged to organise an event centered around physical activity to demonstrate the resilience and resourcefulness of the industry during these difficult times as well as to help making physical activity promotion a policy priority across Europe.

Participation is open to everyone, regardless of age, gender or socio-economic background. You can do a one hour activity or just a couple minutes, it doesn’t matter: every minute counts to be active.

Commenting on the campaign, Head of Sport Unit Floor Van Houdt said: “The #BEACTIVE DAY campaign is an excellent initiative from EuropeActive and its partners which will further strengthen the European Commission’s #BEACTIVE message across Europe. Bringing people together to celebrate the fun of physical activity and helping people to become more active and lead a healthier life, is really what the European Week of Sport is all about. We wish everyone involved in the #BEACTIVE DAY all the best and look forward to seeing the campaign going from strength to strength in the coming years.”

President David Stalker commented: "I am delighted to see the #BEACTIVE DAY campaign up and running for 2021. EuropeActive and its National Associations Partners are putting together a fantastic initiative to get Europeans moving again after the pandemic kept us indoors and often inactive for so long.  Being physically active is crucial for your mental, social and physical wellbeing, and #BEACTIVE DAY is all about celebrating the fun and positive power of physical activity. I want to invite everyone to join us on #BEACTIVE DAY and make September 23rd the most active day of the year. EuropeActive is a proud partner of the European Week of Sport and a strong supporter of the #BEACTIVE message."

After an instructive workshop on May 20th with #BEACTIVE DAY partners and European Commission representatives, EuropeActive is excited to confirm that more than 15 national associations across Europe and beyond are already planning campaigns in their countries, thus proving the ongoing success of the original National Fitness Day for Europe Project. 

#BEACTIVE DAY partners will also support the second edition of EuropeActive's National Fitness Day for Europe Erasmus+ project, which includes the dynamic arrangement of two Eastern partnerships and two Western Balkan countries in their participation of the European Week of Sport from the fitness and physical activity sector.

For more information re #BEACTIVE DAY, please visit www.beactiveday.eu/

Detailed information for press and commercial use can be requested from Carlos Fernández, via beactive@europeactive.eu. Photos, logos and other materials supporting this press release are also available via the aforementioned email address.

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