New Health Foundation is partner of the Sport4HealthNet project. This project addresses the topic: encourage participation in sport and physical activity especially by supporting Council Recommendations on HEPA and EU Physical Activity Guidelines.

Many working people sit too much and suffer health disadvantage. Sitting for long periods is not only harmful, our muscles and bones also become less fit and strong, our immune system deteriorates and the risk of chronic diseases increases significantly.

The main objective of the Sport4HealthNet aims at creating better access and more opportunities in people's everyday lives to engage in exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Within the Sport 4 Health program, 6 European countries are jointly developing a practical prevention and activity program for people who do sedentary work and people who sit for a long time at all. This program offers an exercise program with exercises that can be performed in the workplace in between. Agility, balance and muscle strength are discussed and there is a focus on the prevention of neck and shoulder complaints.

SZ Celje, Slovenia  and Bulgarian Cheer Union have a long experience in organising sports events, good sport marketing approach, big networks of sport clubs and can contribute to the successful promotion of the project's intellectual outputs; The European Cooperation Centre has an experience in data analysis, GIS mapping, in conducting research and studies and organising sport events and conferences. Stichting Nieuwe Gezondheid, Dutch partner, in the past 35 years, is putting effort in awareness and guidance of a healthy lifestyle, using the ACSM, WHO and Health Council guidelines of healthy living and prevention. This led to the foundation that is reaching out, free off cost, every two months, to a network of 450 ambassadors the Netherlands, with a lifestyle and prevention item, about for example healthy and active living, healthy eating, increasing motivation, mental strength or physical or mental relaxation. Their experience and standardised healthy lifestyle techniques based on HEPA will be replicated to the Sport for Health Network in order to reach as wider number of new ambassadors throughout Europe and beyond, but also a bigger community of employers, companies, employees, local authorities and public institutions.

For this project, approximately 1000 participants will be recruited per each of 6 Sport4HeathNet countries who are employed in public and private companies. Both male and female participants, different ethnic and socioeconomic groups will be included on a proportional basis for this interventional study, to ensure a broadly representative sample. The knowledge we gained through the project will be transferred to the general population across Europe through traditional media and Internet, while specific information will be targeted to public and private stakeholders (employers, employees, public institutions and local authorities) through educational seminars, but also through scientific journals and events.

Project coordinator is University of Novi Sad - Faculty of sport and physical education, Serbia (Short: FSPE)

Sport 4 Health partners:

  • Sveučiliste u Zagrebu kineziološki fakultet, Croatia (Short: KIF)
  • European Cooperation Centre, Brussels, Belgium (Short: ECC)
  • Stichting Nieuwe Gezondheid, Weert, Netherlands (Short: Stg Nwe Gezondheid)
  • Bulgarian Cheer Union, Sofia, Bulgaria (Short: BCU)
  • Športna zveza Celje - Sports federation of Celje, Slovenia (Short: SZ Celje)


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