De Functionele Houding Specialist combinatie opleiding combineert de Functionele Houding Specialist A en B met de NASM CES.

De volledige opleiding is opgebouwd uit de volgende onderdelen:

1. Functionele Houding Specialist A (meer info over de FHS-A)

  • Module 1: Statische, transitionele en dynamische bewegingsassessment en analyses
  • Module 2: Corrigerende beweging –en trainingsprogramma’s voor voet, enkel en knie

2. Functionele Houding Specialist B (meer info over de FHS-B)

  • Module 3: Corrigerende beweging –en trainingsprogramma’s voor onderrug-bekken-heup
  • Module 4: Corrigerende beweging –en trainingsprogramma’s voor schouder en nek

3. NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) selfstudy (Engels)

NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) selfstudy (Engels)

NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

Take your skills to the next level by learning to prevent injuries caused by muscular imbalance and faulty movements. With this specialization, you’ll also find out how to eliminate pain, improve posture and flexibility and fix imbalances, making yourself an invaluable asset to your clients.

Corrective Exercise is one of the most important components of a comprehensive exercise program. Regardless of athletic ability or fitness level, almost every person has some degree of dysfunction that increases the chance for injury. This could include muscle imbalances, decreased flexibility, or lack of core and joint stability. Leading fitness professionals should be able to identify these dysfunctions and create an integrated corrective exercise training program to help their clients remain injury free.

With the NASM-CES you can:

  • Open new career opportunities. Expand your skillset and become the trainer who can successfully take on any client including top athletes.
  • Increase your expertise. Master the Corrective Exercise Continuum (CEx) and effectively train clients experiencing musculoskeletal impairments throughout the body.
  • Earn more.* NASM-CPTs with an NASM-CES earn 48% more than other Certified Personal Trainers.
  • Help people live healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Pre-Requisites: NASM CPT or bachelor’s degree in related field, LMT, PT, chiropractor

Content Access: 365 days (1 year) from date of purchase

Exam Access: 365 days (1 year) from date of purchase

Exam Attempts: 3 times

Questions on Exam: 100 questions

Time limit for Exam: 90 minutes

Passing Score: 70%

Course Content: 368-page textbook, 27 hours of video, 15 modules of online study materials, 14 quizzes, 1-100 question practice exam

Certificate: send by USPS 4-6 weeks after passing exam

CEU values (Contingent Educational Credits): 1.9

Brief Summary: The CES was developed in response to the growing need for professionals with the ability to assist clients experiencing: musculoskeletal impairments, muscle imbalances, and/or rehabilitation concerns. This credential provides the advanced knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully work with clients suffering from these injuries.

Please note this SelfStudy course is only in English


  Opleidingskosten (€) Examenkosten (€)
Functionele Houding Specialist praktijk opleiding A 865,00
Functionele Houding Specialist praktijk opleiding B 570,00 125,00
Self study CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist incl. examen) 899,00
Pakket voordeel - 200,00
Totale opleidingskosten 2.134,- 125,00

Termijnbetalingen: 8 termijnen van € 274,25 (incl. Selfstudy en excl. examenkosten van de Functionele Houding Specialist)

Betaal je in termijnen, dan moeten twee termijnen voor de start van de opleiding voldaan zijn en de examenkosten dienen tegelijkertijd met de eerste termijnbetaling betaald te worden. (overige termijnen volgens afspraak op factuur.)


  • Tekstboek Corrective Exercise Training (409 pagina’s Engelstalig)
  • Presentaties en analyse documenten (Nederlands)
  • Functionele Houding Specialist A certificaat
  • Functionele Houding Specialist B praktijk examen
  • Functionele Houding Specialist B diploma
  • NASM CES examen
  • NASM CES online content
  • NASM CES certificate (bij positief afsluiten van het examen)
Voor inhoudelijke vragen en ondersteuning tijdens de cursus of vragen voor de docent kun je contact opnemen met een van onze studiecoaches via

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  • Al meer dan 35.000 mensen opgeleid
  • Erkend door NL Actief
  • Europese (EQF/eReps) erkenning Europe Active
  • Officieel opleidingspartner NASM
  • Combinatie opleidingen online en praktijk leren
  • Locaties door heel Nederland
  • Voordelige combinatie- en totaalpakketten
  • Gespreid betalen mogelijk


in 8 termijnen van274,25
(of in een keer € 2.134,00)


€ 125,00