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The most efficient way to get into the state of flow!

Benefits of Flow

  • Transcend anxiety, depression and fear and turn it all into a perfect flow
  • Learn how to breathe correctly & optimize breathing to boost your immune system & overall health
  • Beat insomnia and trigger deep regenerative sleep
  • Learn how to meditate in new ways & experience deep sense of relaxation
  • Boost your sport performance and improve ability to experience “the zone” (flow)
  • Create flow culture within corporate environment to boost learning, creativity and energize teams
  • Learn how to flow in any situation, as a parent, partner, at work …
  • Boost the overall potential, experience freedom and transcend in ways never even dreamt of

In brief:

  • Get into the flow
  • Boost your immune system
  • Slow down
  • Achieve calm

Welcome to the Flowhub7 .... your designated space for learning how to get into the state of flow, optimize the experience of it and turning it into a trait. Enjoy the vast collection of time tested Flow programs and Flow alignment triggers based on FlowCode that will help you achieve the optimal state.

You know that state we’re in, when we act with razor sharp focus, our confidence is overwhelmed with certainty, our body and mind adapts to the situation effortlessly. It’s in this state that we take giant steps in our level of fulfilment, moving in the direction that was previously not even dreamt off. In it, we are completely dissolved in what we’re doing, so much that it feels like time is slowing down.

We’re so deeply in the present moment that we merge with activity itself, giving us the overwhelming feeling of “being at one”. In that state there is ‘no doubt’, there are no stresses or pressures, blocking us from achieving what we want. There is no inner voice criticizing every move we make, we are completely immersed in the task at hand. This state is not elusive, this state is not mystical, it’s called the flow state …

When we are in flow, we are adjusting to reality cues, like riding a flow wave, we experience the most desirable state we may find ourselves in. It’s about total trust and total absence of fear. A sense of extreme happiness, connectedness, and harmony pervades into your being. You feel in tune with the task, moving with an accuracy and composure and fully enjoying every second of it.

Athletes call it “runner’s high” or “being in the zone”, others call it a “heightened state of consciousness”, buddhists call it “nirvana”. We call it the state of flow, a fluid stream of optimal perception and optimal experience. A state where everything just flows.

By practicing more flow we internalize it and make it a reality. Start slowly and progress gradually, include at first one flow trigger per day ... try different ones ... then add two and use them in different situations to see how you react ... then commit yourself to programs or trigger sets on daily basis. And so forth, until flow triggering activities become an integral part of your daily routine.

Gradually and in balanced increments you will experience more and more flow ... you will experience how reality changes in flow ... how perception of yourself changes ... for the better ... it becomes more fluid ... and filled with meaning and purpose.

What will you receive within the FlowHub7 program?

  • A video FlowCode course of 33 lessons explaining the science and philosophy of flow and programs to optimally train the conditions for flow.
  • programs to optimally train the conditions for flow.
  • 500+ flow triggers from flow movements to
    • Physical triggers like balance, stretch and strength
    • Sensory flow alignment triggers like breathwork, rituals, auditory triggers, visual low alignment, sensomotoric and more
    • cognitive triggers like meditations, recal and mindset
  • FlowCode programs like
    • Boost your immune system
    • Deep sleep
    • Sunrise flow
    • Workplace flow
    • Outdoor flow
    • Balance flow

Become a Flow personality and start your FlowCode program today. Become a Flow personality and start your FlowCode program today. The price of this program is only € 9,90 per month (with the EFAA code € 8,20 per month). You can choose how long to take to do the 33 lessons Flow Personality course an how long you want to use the +500 Flow triggers and Flow programs. The first 7 day’s a for free so you can try before you buy.

Try 7 days free of the full version https://theflowhub.com

Register here with the endorsement voucher (code "EFAA"): https://theflowhub.comFlowCode korting

For substantive questions and assistance during the course or question for the tutor, please contact one of our study coaches at studiecoach@efaa.nl.

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