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Functional Pilates workshop: KinetiCode®on Stabilty Ball

This workshop is a complete and challenge program of core, stability, flexibility and strength exercises from the rehabilitation to top athletic series. The versatile nature of the training is designed to develop over all body condition, better posture, improve neuromuscular coordination and performance skills.

Date and Location: see information on www.kineticode-pilates.com

- Dynamic Core-1
Explanation of the course:
- Learn more than 80 Pilates exercises to integrate as functional training.
- Learn intensive KinetiCode®Pilates routines with mat exercises and props as foam roller, stability ball and others. Training will include exercises from rehabilitation to performance level.
- Deep theoretical analysis of correct movement patterns and strategies to achieve excellent body efficiency, intelligent motor control and performance skills.
- 6 hour of practical / theoretical training, which includes assessment, hands on, cueing and understanding of the exercises.

Date and Location: see information on www.kineticode-pilates.com.

Certificate: After attending this one-day course, participants will receive a certificate KinetiCode ® Pilates / EFAA.

Cost: 95 euro, min 10 -15 students. In the cost of this course are incluse: theoretical material and certificate of participation.

For information/ sign up:
Piraeusplein 73 1019NM Amsterdam
phone: 06-11214428