What's happening in the Netherlands?

Third Annual Fitness Forum in Madrid 10-11 May

The Dutch fitness market is still growing, however, not as firmly as in 2007 and 2008. The growth of the smaller clubs like Curves, Hart for Her, Fit Express and low budget clubs has slowed down by more than 50%. Many regular clubs are turning their club over to low budget or higher quality clubs. Many clubs in the Netherlands are starting personal training as a new profit unit but also to provide their personnel a new career opportunity.

In April Fit!vak will start up the Dutch E-reps system. Fit!vak is also developing terms of delivery for the fitness market, so consumers can have a good understanding of health clubs. Other developments within Fit!vak are a diabetes protocol for health clubs and they are doing research to develop a new form of quality system so consumers can see the difference between low and high quality service and fitness guidance.

EFAA is organizing their 17th aerobics, fitness, and club management convention on May 15 and 16 on Papendal. EFAA offers a broad programme of body & mind, step training, indoor cycling, club management, fitness and personal training, bodyshape, high low, hip hop and dance.

De Nederlandse fitness markt groet nog steeds, hoewel, niet zo snel als in 2007 en 2008. De groei van de kleinere clubs zoals Curves, Hart for Her, Fit Express en low budget clubs is met meer dan 50% teruggezakt. Veel sportcentra in Nederland bouwen hun concept om naar low budget of expertise centrum. Ook starten veel sportcentra personal training als nieuwe profit unit en als manier om hun personeel betere carrière kansen te bieden.

In April 2010 start Fit!vak het Nederlandse E-reps systeem. Fit!vak ontwikkeld momenteel ook leveringsvoorwaarden voor de fitnessmarkt zodat consumenten goeie afspraken kunnen maken met sportcentra. Ook ontwikkeld Fit!vak een diabetes begeleiding protocol voor sportcentra en wordt er gekeken naar een nieuwe vorm van keuren van de sportcentra, zodat de consument kwaliteit in service en begeleiding kan herkennen.

EFAA organiseert op 15 en 16 mei voor de 17e keer het EFAA aerobics-, fitness-, en club management congres op Papendal. EFAA biedt een uitgebreid programma voor Body & Mind, Step training, Indoor cycling, Club management, Fitness en Personal training, Bodyshape, High Low en Hip Hop en

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